What is Ashitaba?

ASHITABA (ANGELICA KEISKI) is a functional health food. It has a similar order and family to that of celery, carrots and parsley ( Order: Apiales, Family: Apiaceae). It is a perennial plant belonging to the angelica genus that is endemic to Hachijō-jima, Japan.

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What can ASHITABA do for you?

Based on clinical studies, Ashitaba provides the highest antioxidant activity amongst herbs and vegetables as determined by ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) and thus achieve control of Oxidative Stress.

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What experts say about Ashitaba

Scientists and doctors agree on Ashitaba’s health beneficial properties.

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“There was an observed reduction in the visceral fat area, subcutaneous fat area, body weight, BMI, waist circumference and hip circumference (female) after intake of Ashitaba chalcone once daily for 8 weeks…”
Prof Mitsuhiro Ota & Prof Tetsumei Urano , JBSL Co., LTD.
“Ashitaba extract suppressed the HF diet-induced body weight gain and fat deposition in white adipose tissue of mice, reduced plasma cholesterol, glucose, and insulin levels, increased the adiponectin level, lowered triglyceride and the liver cholesterol content….”
Zhang T, Yamashita Y, Yasuda M, Yamamoto N, Ashida H
“Chalcones suppress fatty acid-induced lipid accumulation through a LKB1/AMPK signaling pathway in HepG2 cells.”
Zhang T1, Yamamoto N, Ashida H.
“The chalcones from Angelika keiskei might be useful for preventing metabolic syndrome…”
Ohnogi H1, Kudo Y, Tahara K, Sugiyama K., et al.
“Has anti bacterial activity against gram positive pathogenic bacteria with same potency as gentamycin”
Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Japan

Our Products

The Ashitaba health capsule contains green powder made from the leaves and stem of ashitaba plant . This is processed in Japan from organically grown leaves and stem of Ashitaba.

The ashitaba health capsule is packed as 450 mg capsules. If you take 100 mg of Ashitaba Powder, this will be equivalent to 1000 mg or 1g fresh Ashitaba leaves. Therefore, the 450 mg capsule taken 3x/ day is equivalent to taking 13.5 grams of fresh Ashitaba leaves. Equivalent to 10 to 12 regular Ashitaba leaves. 

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The Ashitaba duo capsule contains yellow – green powder that combines the leaves, stem and sap at 300mg/ capsule.

This was formulated to mimic a “whole vegetable concept” in food supplementation wherein health benefits of minerals, vitamins, fibers and chalcone is given to the individual. The duo addresses both antioxidant activity against free radicals and support in the control of metabolic syndrome. The Ashitaba Duo may be supplemented with Ashitaba Health Capsule daily. This is recommended for the general population at 1 yellow – green cap/ day.

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The company also sells Ashitaba Green Powder by kilograms for any intentions to mix it with food (bread, pasta, pastries, chips) and beverage (tea, ice cream and health drinks). Whatever vegetable is missed on regular diet can be made up with Ashitaba Powder through unlimited possibilities of incorporating the powder to practically anything. Any foodstuff can be enriched with Ashitaba Powder.

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